After purchasing the Escape Home Box from an authorised retailer, the team of players must download the official app to their mobile device (not included in the box). The app is available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play. Any smartphone with an internet connection and an up-to-date Android or iOS system and sufficient memory is valid. The application will request access to the device’s camera and the device’s location for use in some of the game’s tests. We recommend that the team close the application on the device when it is not in use during the breaks.



The app’s game sheets indicate the estimated duration of each Escape Home Box game. This is an approximate duration and does not include any pauses you may choose to take during the game. At all times, the application displays a progress line at the bottom of the screen, which will be completed as you complete the tests and progress through the game, graphically indicating how much time you have remaining at any given time.

The games may be divided into sections or chapters. We recommend playing through the chapters in their entirety, and if you are going to take a break to continue another day, make sure you finish at least the part you are currently playing.


    The game has been thoroughly tested, but it is possible that, like any other application, it will fail unexpectedly or be incompatible with a mobile phone owing to device configuration. If this occurs, we propose the following actions:

    • Exit the application and restart it. It could be because of device-related failures or other highly particular faults that do not occur at other times.
    • If the issues remain, switch gaming devices by exiting the game and entering into the application on another mobile device, remembering your username and password.
    • If the problem remains on the new device, please describe your condition in an email to, including your game code and a contact phone number. We will make every effort to contact you as quickly as possible.
    • If you observe that the problem is not solved, you can bypass the test in the game’s dongle: Help / bypass test.
    • The game does not work on tablets. Although it will not cause issues on many tablets, the fact that each tablet has a varied screen size means that the game may appear incorrectly. As a result, if you wish to see the videos in full-screen mode, we propose following the instructions for playing the game on Smart TV
    • Sound on iOS devices: If the sound side tab on an iPhone is pressed, movies may play without sound, particularly when viewed within the app.



    Once you’ve downloaded the Escape Home Box app to your mobile device, you’ll need to go through a simple process to register as a user of the app if you haven’t already: a username, a password, an email address, a team name, and the language in which you want to play (we recommend writing down your username and password). Please keep in mind that the game is only accessible in the languages listed above and on the game box. After registering, you must enter the number code or validate the QR code found inside the Escape Home Box.

    Escape Home Box codes expire two years after purchase and cannot be used on more than one device at the same time or on more than one occasion: you will not be able to restart a game once you have progressed far enough into it. However, if you have any problems, please contact us and we will help you. It is possible to switch devices using the same code (for example, if the battery is running low) and continue the game from where you left off on the other mobile device.


    Numbered envelopes: The Escape Home Box contains a series of sealed and numbered envelopes that you will have to open only when the game application tells you to do so. These envelopes contain information for certain game tests, therefore opening them prematurely will not help you. On the contrary, they contain information that could ruin the game if discovered prematurely.

    Backpack: It may be found under the Menu (near the bottom of the screen). It will keep track of the items you collect throughout the game and will need to use at some time. It will also be the location to go if you require assistance.

    Logbook: Navigate to the Menu and look for the notebook icon. It is a log in which you will keep a record of all of your actions in the game in case you need to refer back to a prior step or view a previous movie.

    Help: Hints for solving tests: If you need assistance with a test, see the hints in your rucksack. Menu / Backpack / Help / Unlock hint are available from the application menu. From the start of the game, you have two hints, but with each new route you choose, you will only have one. We recommend that you only utilise them when you are completely stuck and have no idea how to proceed or answer one of the tests. Each exam has up to three connected clues, but with the correct amount of attention, you should be able to solve it with the first hint. Questions to ask for additional assistance: During the game you will have the option to solve certain “question for clue” tests, with which you will be able to earn an extra clue to utilise later, being able to gather more clues than the ones you have at the beginning.

    Skip test: If for whatever reason, technical or because you can’t solve a test, you need to skip a test you don’t want to solve, you can skip it.
    a test that you do not wish to solve, you can do it by accessing Menu / Backpack / Help / Skip test, and specify the reason why you have to skip it, not being “penalized” in the final score if it is for reasons beyond your control.

    Scoring: The game features a scoring system (which you can check at the end of these instructions) via which you will collect points until you complete the game, at which time you will see your team’s ultimate score.

    Cinema mode on Smart TV: The game is designed so that the application’s videos can be viewed on a Smart TV, allowing you to enjoy high-quality multimedia content while immersing yourself in the game (the videos will be visible on the screen while the tests are completed on the device). When you click on the link, you will be sent to the YouTube APP, where you can send films to your TV by clicking on this symbol.