· ESCAPE HOME BOX · “The Tomb of Alexander the Great”


Embark on a mesmerizing 3-hour adventure that will captivate your imagination from start to finish! Join Professor Sarah Levi on a quest of a lifetime as she delves into the mysteries of Alexander the Great’s fabled tomb. This thrilling escapade is meticulously designed to keep you engaged and entertained for the duration of the experience.

As you immerse yourself in the rich narrative and face exhilarating challenges, the clock will be ticking. You’ll have three action-packed hours to unravel the enigma, solve intricate puzzles, and uncover hidden truths. Every decision you make, every clue you decipher, will bring you closer to the astonishing finale.

Get ready to lose yourself in the world of Escape Home Box as you navigate the twists and turns of this epic adventure. With each passing minute, the stakes will heighten, and the excitement will surge through your veins. Can you beat the clock and emerge victorious in your quest to unlock the secrets of the ancient world?

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